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  Dungeon Twister - Prison is coming! Here's the cover!

Here is the cover of the future Edition of Dungeon Twister, up to now named : Dungeon Twister – Prison.
The box size should be : 400x267x63 mm
Big Box !! Big Cover :) !!!

Click on the image for a larger size

Dungeon Twister - Prison Cover

This is a new basic set as well as a new expansion.
This is because the 2nd edition of Dungeon Twister is 100% compatible with any previously published expansion, including the original base game.

This is what Dungeon Twister – Prison will propose :

85% of novelty for any player who already owns all existing DT boxes and expansions.

We make it to the third dimension : Each character is now represented by a very detailed miniature (28 mm scale), totally corresponding to the character’s image. The Artists have done a terrific job on this part.
The Colossus for example (who is on the box cover) will be close to 6 centimeters in height !

The solo version is included in this box. With 6 levels of growing difficulty, plus an optional system for the very best players. The solo game has its own rulebook. It’s a unique and original game mode where each game is always totally different.
It will also be possible to design and propose new scenarios in the future, dedicated to the solo version.

A Tutorial in 5 scenarios, is the best way to learn all the secrets of Dungeon Twister in a soft, progressive and easy way. The first scenario takes 5 minutes of rules explanations, 15 minutes of play and uses only 4 rooms and 2 characters on each side. The 5th scenario corresponds to the game mode played since 2004 (8 characters / 8 rooms), and insures compatibility.
With this tutorial you can start teaching the game to the youngest kids (such as 8 years old) or people not used to strategy games the way we see or call them, and bring them up as fast as they want to the full game. This is possible since each scenario is more like a mini game that can be played many times.

The box will mostly contain :
8 new rooms
16 miniatures (8 characters on each side, in 2 different colors – 5 new characters)
88 cards Magic format (Actions, combats, jumps and various other cards for the solo game which uses many cards).
All necessary counters and markers (objects, characters all compatible with the previous editions) as well as some replacement counters for the ones of you who have lost this precious fireball counter J !
One rulebook and tutorial book (with some areas dedicated to the DT Core fans from the past, treating of interactions with previous expansions).
One solo rule book.
2 Screens / player’s reference
Starting lines
And a super-studied thermo inside the box to store all your game components and most of all your preciously painted miniatures (in case you painted them), making sure they’re protected from hurting each other even when you’re carrying the box. And if possible we might even try to optimize the available space to its maximum so that you’ll be able to store rooms, miniatures, etc… from previous and/or future expansions.

To make it short, we’re doing our best to provide a complete game for the new comers, with an easier first access, as well as providing a maximum of news and useful stuff to the already fans of DT who have ‘em all J !

Dungeon Twister – Prison should be in the shops beginning October in France and Europe.
Approximately a month later for the US and around the world.
Asmodée takes care of the distribution.
Ludically is the publisher.

As for today we don’t have yet the official final public price.

The release of DT-Prison is scheduled to correspond with the release of the video game by Hydravision on Xbox first and then on other consoles.
Both companies are working hard actually to try to be synchronized as best as possible and share as many information and artwork cross ways.

Please feel free to contact us in the forums if you have any question about Dungeon Twister Prison or Ludically.

Enjoy the cover.

Artwork by Wayne Reynolds by the way. A great artist and a great guy !

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