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  Dungeon Twister Prison is coming!

Dungeon Twister Prison is coming in October to the US and Canada! In France and much of Europe, the game will be available late September or early October. Distributed by Asmodee worldwide.

Asmodee US will announce its official release date for the US and Canada.

In Spain, the game will be distributed by Edge Entertainment / Millenium, since they started the Dungeon Twister V1 years ago (English-version only). It should be available approximately at the same time as in France.

Ludically will be at Essen this year presenting Dungeon Twister Prison and What's Missing (our small family card game for 6 to 99 year-old kids ;).

Hydravision will also be there sharing the booth with us. Players will be able to try the XBox version of the Dungeon Twister video game on site, at Essen, and we're preparing a few crazy surprises...

Meanwhile, until you get your own copy of the game in your feverish hands, here are some pictures of the miniatures to feast on, straight from manufacturing...







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