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  Le 08/05/2008 à 21h17

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I just got the 3/4 player expansion and had an idea for a scenario that combined two of the scenarios in the book. Specifically the Pyramid and the Slider. It would require tiles from the other expansions, but might be a lot of fun.

The layout would be 9 tiles along the bottom edge, then a space for a slider tile. The next tier of the pyramid would be 5 tiles wide, followed by a space for a slider tile, the next tier would be 3 tiles wide. Then would be a single tile above that and then the escape room tile above that.

There would be two tiles in each of tier adjacent to a slider with the gears to move the slider. Something like:


It's a bit crude and probably won't show up well in the forum, but the idea is that the lower case letters represent tiles that don't affect the sliders. Tiles who's position are marked with A would be the Slider and the two other numbered tiles that can move that slider. Positions marked B would be the same with but for the 2nd/3rd tiers. E is the exit tile and works just like the exit tile in the Pyramid scenario.

I'm not sure if the sliders should still be limited to a single tile slide per AP since the lowest tier slider will have to cover 5 tiles potentially. But that's something for playtesting.

Any thoughts from anyone? Is this an old idea that has already been tested?



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Liste des forums > Idea Box > Pyramid Slider

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