Dungeon Twister
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Dungeon Twister
Le : 31.01.2006
de : Civing
Sujet : Objects and characters

Question :
Hello there,

thank you for your answer, but: Can each player choose which object and which of the remaining characters he places which room, or is this done by chance randomly? For example: If i can choose i will always put my Goblin at a room next to the start zone of my oponent.

Réponse :
Hello :-)

You are welcome.

This is NOT a random placement: you get to choose each token and place it where you want, assuming that the spot is a legal one.

Placing your Gob' near your opponent starting line is a strategy but beware if his Troll is resting there. It might work once, maybe twice, surely not thrice... This is part of the Metagame of Dungeon Twister.

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