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  Le 13/10/2006 à 04h09

Chevalier de la noisette


  My son and I love to play your game here was some house rules stuff we added to our basic set of dungeon twister:

Caltrops - thrown at an enemy in the character's direct line of site for 1AP it causes -2 movement, and keeps the character from crossing pit traps in any way. This item cannot be removed, but can be carried in addition to another item or character.

Wrench - spin your room 1/4 turn either direction from any tile in the room for 1AP the wrench is then destroyed

Backpack - lets you carry 2 items in addition to the backpack (but not more than one character)

Poison Dagger - enemies wounded in combat by a character with a poison dagger are slain instantly

Jackrabbit Boots - Grants +1 to movement and lets a character jump over (but not stand on) pits without using a jump card

Potion of the Ethereal - for 1AP lets you walk through doors and characters for the rest of your round

and this nefarious character:

The Mercenary

Movment 3
Combat 3

He is controlled by whichever player is currently playing. He switches sides each turn. When he dies it does not cost either player a point. If he is victorious in battle the winning player gets a point for killing one of his enemies.

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  Le 13/10/2006 à 18h31



  Excellent !
Really good ideas

I have one correction for the potion of the Ethereal :

For 1 AP, you (ie, the character who drinks) become etheral, and you can move like the ghost but can't take or use any item for the rest of your turn.

Come on let's twist again, like we did at Cannes
Come on let's twist again, like we did in Belgium.
Do you remember when, twisting was so fun.
Come on let's twist again, twisting time is back.

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  Le 21/03/2007 à 14h57



  That's good but I think the backpack is too strong: carry 3 objects! (backpack + 2 others) people who wear a backpack is like a paladin

Ce n'est pas parce que mon dragon rouge a tué ton assassin, ta berserk et tes deux dragons qu'il faut me gronder en me disant que je t'ai mal expliqué les règles.
D'ailleurs, j'avais oublié de te dire, la potion de vitesse donne +16 en mouv. je sors:25PV

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List of forums > Idea Box > New Items and one new Character

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