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  Le 07/11/2009 à 01h28

Chevalier de la noisette



I played my second game today and had an idea for a new character:

The Warrior Monk.

Move 4, Combat 2 (or 3, don't know, although 3 might be too much)

Disadvantage: May not fight in ranged combat/may not use missile weapons

Advantage: Many years of training his endurance and finetuning his martial arts allow him to keep going on when others are exhausted and tired.
When you play a combat card for a healthy (as in "not wounded" monk you may immediately roll a d6 after the combat round. If your roll is equal or higher than the card value you are not forced to discard the card. Instead, place it in a seperate card pile (his "martial arts" pile), that may only be used by the monk. Everytime you play a card for the monk you may choose to use one of your regular cards or one of his "saved" cards (from his martial arts pile). No matter which pile you use you always roll the die after using a card, placing it in the martial arts pile on a successful roll and discarding it as normal otherwise.

This makes the monk going on for a long time, as you have a good chance to keep those 2s and 3s for a while. Also, to get a chance of saving the 5 or 6 you first need to play it on the monk.

In case somebody else came up with something similiar: I haven't seen it, I've only played "the prison" so far and only read teh few posts of this forum here.

Have fun when experimenting with the monk, and share your experience

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List of forums > Idea Box > New Character - Warrior Monk

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