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  Le 27/09/2010 à 08h35
Phil Goude



  Hello Everybody,

There's the information you were waiting for the 5th World Championship Of Dungeon Twister!!!

Note :
This is the translation of the original message, and it's possible that I did some errors.
If you notice errors, send it to me so I can correct them.
If you can translate this message into other languages, I would greatly appreciate it.

This Championship will be held during the OctoGônes exhibition in Lyon / Villeurbanne (France), which runs from Friday 1st October to Sunday, October 3.

Tournament Start: Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 11am.
The tournament will last until late at night, knowing that the OctoGônes exhibition is open non-stop from Friday 18h to Sunday 18h.

Game Format: Equal Forces
It will be a random Equal Forces format that only uses the basics set of Dungeon Twister and Dungeon Twister Prison.

* All players will play each round, rooms, characters and objects drawn randomly before each round by the head referee.
* All players are equal in each round by playing the same configuration for all and not the choice of each player in each round!
* If a player does not know the first version of the game, both players will play Prison.

Type's Round: Swiss Rounds.

Duration of Rounds: 45 minutes (2 minutes by turn) or when a player gets 5 victory point.
After 45 minutes, it ends with the current's cycle of cards.

Number of Seats: 60.

Number of Rounds: 4 rounds if less than 15 players, 5 if less than 31 players and 6 rounds beyond!

Referee: (to be completed, but in theory, it should be Phil Goude, Cadavre.


* Entrance's rate for the exhibition: The Entrance costs 5 Euros, and allows to stay as long as you wish, and re-enter at will, until late Sunday afternoon. The children ages 8 to 12 pay only 3 Euros, and it's free for youngers.
It is possible to order a presale for OctoGônes, more information on the exhibition's website
* Tournament's Participation: It's not fully defined yet, however, it will be cheaper for a LIDT's member than a non member. More informations to come.

Equipment to bring: The basic set of Dungeon Twister and the basic set of Dungeon Twister Prison if you got them, a timer if you have one.

Prizes: More informations to come.

It hangs at 60 enrolled.
Thank's to register as soon as possible following this post.

Entry list: / Liste des inscrits : (21)

Phil Goude (Referee / Arbitre).
Cadavre (Referee / Arbitre).

Archimythoman (Paris- France) aka Fresnel
Bone (Germany)
Cholie (Germany)
Devil-eye (pas loin de lyon - France)
Dragounet (Paris- France)
frilo (Lyon - France)
Grissom33 (Mérignac - France)
Haaken (Belgique)
Mayo (Germany)
Magicz (Lyon - France)
Nazgul (Marseille - France)
Nemoadd (Bordeaux - France)
Pap (Belgique)
Sherinford (Belgique)
Slydog (Belgique)
Spacedavid (Paris - France)
Yannfou45 (Orléans - France)
Zalex (Paris- France)

A confirmer :

- BTanchel (United kingdom)
- CTol (Paris - France)
- Danaru (Paris - France)
- Dabourganiech (Orléans- France)
- Kroninge
- Loaiiic (Moneteau - France)
- NoireLune (Orléans et ailleurs - France)
- Psychocastor (Strasbourg - France)
- Robin (Suisse)
- Kevin Y
- Sylvain Sebastian Santamaria
- Lionel L
- Philippe S

The multi language website of DT : The International Dungeon Twister League

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List of forums > Tournaments, challenges & league > th DT World championship

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