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Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

L'univers du jeu
Who created these sinister corridors your characters spend their days wandering?

Discover the universe and complete background of Dungeon Twister!

The game background.

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The easy way is always twisted!

All the might of your group of adventurers is not enough! Your courageous characters have been captured and summarily thrown into the fortress of a rich and powerful wizard. He is a cruel and vicious man who is bored to death and keeps himself occupied by watching his prisoners skillfully navigate the traps of his infernal mechanical labyrinth.

And since we all now the old saying, No pain, no gain, there isn’t just one but two groups of enemy adventurers in the sinister dungeon! Two groups that will come face to face and must fight in hand to hand combat in order to return to the surface and once again taste freedom! Dungeon Twister stands out as one of the kickstarter board games captivating players with its incredible game plot and scenarios. This game is an immersive and strategic adventure that leads players through a complex dungeon. To succeed, they will need to carefully guide their team of distinct characters to outsmart foes and flee the depths. With innovative gameplay mechanics and clever scenario design, the game offers endless possibilities, promising each playthrough will be suspenseful and thrilling.

Illustration du jeu

Take control of eight characters with different magical powers : warrior, troll, thief, priest, wizard… and head straight towards the dungeon’s exit!

The mission isn’t going to be easy and not only must you contend with fighting your opponents, the ground upon which you find yourself is unstable. The rooms turn and reveal new pathways, doors close and the beautiful route to victory that you just found is now a minefield of traps!

So, to play and win this game, you must choose your weapons : speed, trickery or strength and above all, give it everything you’ve got and use your powers of strategy!

Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

L'histoire du jeu
Discover the genesis of the game and the creative process that lead to the creation of Dungeon Twister.

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L'auteur du jeu
Christophe Boelinger has come a long way! Discover his journey...

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