Dungeon Twister
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Le jeu Dungeon Twister
La fiche technique

Nombre de joueurs: 2 to 4

Durée d’une partie: About 1 h

Age: 11 and up

Contenu de la boîte:

- 1 scenario booklet
- 8 square rooms
- 2 starting zones (1 per player)
- 2 screens/game aides
- 2 sets of tokens (1 per player), each includes 8 characters and 6 objects.
- 2 sets of 8 cardboard figurines and 16 corresponding plastic stands
- 2 sets of cards (16 cards per player), each includes 9 Combat cards, 3 Jump cards and 4 Action cards
- Several open/broken harrow markers
- Several markers to mark the actions carried out
- 4 small starting zones in 4 different colors

Prix: $29.99

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Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

L'auteur du jeu

Christophe Boelinger has come a long way! Discover his journey...

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3-4 player Expansion

Illustration 3-4 player Expansion
This expansion for the Basic Set contains the Red and Green teams and will be available in June 2006.

This 3-4 player expansion signals the grand return of the evil Arch-Mage responsible for the terrible labyrinths of the Dungeon Twister. Now there are not only 2 but 3 or even 4 teams that can make their way out of the labyrinth before their fellow players.

This expansion not only contains some material similar to the standard Dungeon Twister game (2 complete sets of basic adventurers - Wizard, Goblin, Troll, Warrior, Cleric, WallWalker, Thief, Mekanork -, 2 sets of cards: Jump, Combat and Actions, 2 starting zones in red and green indicating the colors of the new teams, two open/broken portcullis markers, action markers), there’s also has quite a bit more in it: 8 new rooms, 4 small starting zones in the 4 colors of the available teams.

AND, all this comes with a booklet of 7 scenarios that will allow you to play themed multi-player games.

You are in for a hardcore version of the game: the labyrinth is in the process of shrinking bit by bit at each level and three of the players will be forced to run a race against time. You will also be able to come face to face with your opponents in two linked labyrinths. All this boils down to the most chaotic labyrinth ever imagined by the Arch-Mage’s twisted mind. You will be able to form and break alliances with the other players (all in the aim of eliminating the competition as quickly as possible) and you can even end in a showdown of 2 two-player teams: 16 characters against 16 characters!

This is an expansion that will open a new world of strategy to Dungeon Twister devotees.

Télécharger la règle en pdf (2.39 Mo)

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L'histoire du jeu

Discover the genesis of the game and the creative process that lead to the creation of Dungeon Twister.

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