Dungeon Twister
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Le jeu Dungeon Twister
La fiche technique

Nombre de joueurs: 2

Durée d’une partie: About 1 h

Age: 11 and up

Contenu de la boîte:

- 8 square rooms
- 2 starting zones
- 2 screens (game aides)
- 2 sets of tokens (8 characters and 6 objects for each player)
- 2 sets of 8 figurines and 16 plastic stands
- 2 sets of playing cards (16 cards per player), including 9 Combat cards, - 3 jump cards and 4 action cards.
- Several open/broken herse markers
- Several markers to keep track of the actions carried out
- One rule book

Prix: $29.99

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Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

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Dungeon Twister

Illustration Dungeon Twister
Dungeon Twister is a board game for two players. You control a team of eight adventurers with a variety of astonishing powers. Your mission? To get out of the labyrinth . . . . or remain prisoner!

Introduction to the Game

In Dungeon Twister, each player represents a team of 8 adventurers and magical creatures that have been teleported against their will into a mechanical labyrinth that is packed with traps.

Your team is made up of 8 characters and 6 objects. The board is composed of 8 independent square rooms that are able to turn on their axis’s. So the labyrinth can change at any moment!

Before you do anything else, you must choose 4 characters from the 8 you have in your team. These four will be your starting lineup and will be placed in your starting zone.

The other four characters along with all your objects will be placed face down, one after the other in the labyrinth’s rooms.

The world is divided into two categories: those who die and those who run...

The object of the game is to score 5 victory points (VP’s). You score 1 VP when you kill an enemy character (those who die) and you score 1 VP when you manage to get one of your characters out by passing through an enemy starting zone (those who run).

At the beginning of the game, each player has a stack of 14 cards (9 Combat cards, 3 jump cards and 4 action cards which will permit you to carry out 2 to 5 actions.

When it’s your turn, you choose an action card and carry out as many actions as indicated on the card you chose.

The four standard actions are:
Reveal a room (because rooms are face down at the beginning of the game)
Make a room rotate (when one of your characters finds themselves on a rotation mechanism)
Move one of your characters (while respecting his possible movement which is indicated on the figurine)
Combat (while respecting the combat value indicated on the figurine)

You can divvy out your actions as you choose among your group of (still living!) characters.

In addition, each character has a special, often very useful power that will sometimes require spending actions.

When a player has carried out his action, it is the other player’s turn to perform his own actions. When a player has used up all his action cards, he gets back his four action cards.

One of the great things about Dungeon Twister is the near-inexistence of chance. Players always choose which cards they will play: whether they are Combat or action cards is up to them. The player is constantly confronted with choices about his cards, characters, movements, Combats and the use of his powers and objects. Only the appearance of rooms and the discovery of tokens placed above hold a few surprises.

AND, the game is totally unique, each time you play it. No game will be like the one before it.

Tactics, strategy, analysis, choice, bluffing, frustration, a “Rubik’s Cube” vibe and total control are the skills you’ll need and the high points of this game. A hint of added imagination will let you imagine the amazing path of your adventurers and will let you enter their world.

Télécharger la règle en pdf (5.24 Mo)

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