Dungeon Twister
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Le jeu Dungeon Twister
La fiche technique

Nombre de joueurs: 2

Durée d’une partie: About 1 h

Age: 11 and up

Contenu de la boîte:

-1 rulebook
-8 square rooms
-2 starting lines
-2 set of 8 characters tokens and 6 objects tokens
-2 set of 8 standup cardboards figurines and 16 bases
-2 set of 4 zombies tokens and a vampire bat
-30 lighten corridor tiles
-neutral objects
-blood markers

Prix: TBD

La liste des boutiques

Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

L'auteur du jeu

Christophe Boelinger has come a long way! Discover his journey...

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Forces of Darkness

Illustration Forces of Darkness
This expansion will be available in English for the 2006 Holidays.

Forces of Darkness

In the from the Vampire to the Mommy, the Ghoul to the Undead Dragon, and the Necromancer to the Light Fairy. Your team will be mainly build around creatures of the night.
You will be able to build new strategies based on the use of wounded.

Death will hold no more secret to you…

Darkness are everywhere in the Dungeon Twister and swarm into the labyrinth. This new type of terrains will offer a new game mechanic never seen before. You will need to carry your light with you in order to explore the evil shadows.

Several other new terrains element will come in the box, allowing you to create new exciting scenarios and adventures.

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L'histoire du jeu

Discover the genesis of the game and the creative process that lead to the creation of Dungeon Twister.

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