Dungeon Twister
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Le jeu Dungeon Twister
The Universe of the game

Targane is a magical planet inhabited by humans but also by an immeasurable number of creatures, each more fantastic than the next. Dwarves, elves, dragons, gnomes, trolls, orcs, goblins and many other species that have followed different evolutionary paths in this world. Each is highly skilled in different technologies and sciences and schooled in different realms of knowledge.

The most influential character on Targane, and certainly the most powerful, is a human: he is known to everyone by the name of the Arch-Mage. Legend tells us that the Arch-Mage, Supreme Magician, will be the most powerful of all the wizards of Targane. All his life he has fought to learn magic in all its forms and to discover every one of the secrets it contains. He is a master at every spell known to his world and his quest or magic led him to seek the ultimate spell: immortality.

Some Elves think that the Arch-Mage must be about 3000 years old today. This is a long life for someone who has already tasted all the delights of this world, discovered all its secrets and is a master of all that interests him.

The wealth of the Arch-Mage was limitless, along with his strength and power. As he neared his first millennium of life, he began to strive to create a kingdom. A vast kingdom that stretched across the globe. He is already very skilled in the art of teleportation, since he wanted to be able to change locations freely, as soon as the desire to travel struck him.

He is an ally of some but hated by others. He paid his allies well to build personal castles and fortresses in each region he liked to visit. Once he had settled comfortably in a region, he would calmly take control: by money, by diplomacy or by force.

Owning his own set of “luxury resorts,” and with the power to travel all over the world whenever he liked, the Arch-Mage spent his somewhat boring life in his different castles.

But 3000 years is a long time for someone who has already seen everything, done everything and owned everything...
Since he is blessed with immortality, he can’t kill himself. He had to find another way to not die of boredom in this world.

A very novel idea, at least for the era, came to him.

For centuries, he has been more-or-less civilly allied with the Dwarves and the Gnomes. He began to draw his alliances closer together. In the past, these were the creatures he paid the most extravagantly to build his residences and fortresses. It is important to realize that on Targane, the dwarves not only control the openings in the corridors but are also the finest architects in the world. As for the gnomes, they are highly skilled in mechanical construction, steam and everything that goes with it. Together, they were capable of producing the wildest contraptions, powered or activated by steam.

So he recruited the most elite of these two peoples to dig and build his mechanical-roomed labyrinths in the underground tunnels of his many castles across the globe. It took several years to build each labyrinth, so he worked on several simultaneously. The dwarves dug the passageways, built the walls and oversaw the general design of the labyrinths. The gnomes were in charge of the mechanical aspect of the rooms and their rotating capacities, as well as the supply of steam. They also were busy creating all sorts of mechanical, fatal traps. And this is how the underground, deadly labyrinths were born. The Dungeon Twisters: where the smell of blood mixes with the humidity of the steam and the sweat of the fighters.

Once the labyrinths were finished, the Arch-Mage placed small crystal balls in every corner. And in the largest room in his wealthy residence, he covered each room with magic mirrors. Each of these mirrors would reflect what was happening in each passageway. Comfortably settled in this mirrored room, the Arch-Mage was now able to observe every nook and cranny of the labyrinth.

He showed off his magical powers by teleporting into the arena the fighters of his choice. He didn’t discriminate: creatures of any species, trade or gender could be chosen. The fighters were living creatures that he found more or less all around him, in his own or neighboring regions.
These poor characters, creatures, adventurers or animals would suddenly find themselves snatched from their natural environment and plunged into a nightmare they couldn’t begin to understand. They would have to negotiate traps, fight, survive, understand the labyrinth and find a way out.

And all this happened under the watchful eye of the Arch-Mage. Without knowing it, these poor victims had become actors in the bloody scenes that served as entertainment for the Immortal One.
And even if they succeeded, through violent combat or a surprising escape, none of these victorious creatures would ever hear the applause of the solitary spectator.

Welcome to Dungeon Twister…

Let’s Get To the Point
In the crazy reality show that is Dungeon Twister, each player has a team of eight “Contestants” that have been teleported into the “Big Brother House” for the sole purpose of entertaining the Arch-Mage. For every character killed, the violence of the scene is rewarded by the applause and delight of the Arch-Mage. You also win a victory point. (In the fancy glass towers where miracles are made, this is called one extra point in the Nielsen ratings). For every character that gets out of the dungeon alive, the Arch-Mage is surprised. Applause! One more point in the ratings. The Arch-Mage never really thought the Gob' would make it out alive. He had figured the odds to be 2 to one. So when he gets out, what a surprise for the Arch-Mage. Big applause! Two points up in the ratings!

So, all you have to do now is pretend you’re on television and set out to conquer the audience!

L'histoire du jeu
Discover the genesis of the game and the creative process that lead to the creation of Dungeon Twister.

> The game background

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