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  Dungeon Twister: the Video Game (in 3D)!

Front, T-Pose

Previously announced on Tric-Trac TV at Gen-Con Paris, France, in 2008, Dungeon Twister will soon become a video game. French video game creator Hydravision is developing the game, initially for the Xbox 360 platform (other consoles should follow).

The video game will be a faithful adaptation of the board game. It will not be an "arcade" version requiring reflex and dexterity, at least not for now...

Its release date is planned for the end of the third quarter of 2009. As always, forecasted release dates are subject to change, as we all know, since developing a video game is an even more arduous task than developing a board game...

As an exclusive to you, for your eyes only, we are proud to present a sneak preview of the first images of the video game.

Voici le Mechanork :-)!!!

Sequence #1

Sequence #2

We will make sure to keep you informed of further developments on the game, regularly publishing new images, and lots of other surprises that will no doubt keep many of you very happy.

From the side

From the front

Also, please don't hesitate to go snooping around the discussion forums. The game developers will come visit the forums as well, looking for any suggestions you might have on game tactics, advice, or cool combos to further enhance their Artificial Intelligence algorithm or the game's user interface, for example.

Here is a discussion post currently underway (sorry, it's in French, but if you ask questions in English, they will no doubt be answered).

No doubt that with such direct access to the development studio, you will also be the first to hear the latest tidbits of news on the game's latest developments.

3/4 view

Just like at the inception of the Dungeon Twister board game, the author wishes for the video game to remain close to the players, influenced by them and dedicated to them, so that it can give them everything they have dreamed to Twist in the 3rd dimension!

3/4 left side

3/4 right side

Happy New Year 2009! May be Twist be with you!

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