Dungeon Twister
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Les tournois Dungeon Twister

Les défis

What kind of player are you?
A young wild dog chomping at the bit for confrontation?
A cold and calculating player: cool as a cucumber?
A scatterbrain who always forgets to regenerate your troll?
A born bluffer: there’s always a smug grin on your face even when all you’ve got left is a +0 Combat card?
A meticulous player who always has his defenses in order. Troll and Warrior in front, Cleric and Thief behind, with no more than a square between them?
A plotter, always planning traps that are often a bit too complicated?
A hard-core player intent on the win: "I’ve got the time and my motto is: Haste makes waste?”
A player gifted with gusto and panache, always up for launching magnificent maneuvers?

If one of these players seems right for you, why not propose a challenge?
Challenges will help you enhance your prestige and your rank? Who knows, you might win!

The principle of challenges is simple: choose on of the players out of the list and send him a message proposing you play one (or several) matches.
These matches are made to be friendly and true to the spirit of the game but also pretty intense: to the victor goes the spoils, to the loser... nothing.

The challenge-matches will be logged in the players’ ranking, so long as you publicly record your challenges on the website (baby, you’re gonna be a star!). The duel must also be held in a neutral place and there must be a witness. An ideal spot would be in your friendly local game store, during a convention or simultaneously to a tournament.

Once the challenge has begun, you and your opponent will need to work out the specifics of the game. When the challenge has taken place, send an e-mail to the Arch-Mage so that he can calculate your result and enter it into the players’ ranking.

If challenges aren’t your cup of tea, you can always observe other players’ tournaments. Why not stop by and watch a game if you’re in the area? Kick back, enjoy and root for your favorite player.

Les défis en cours

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