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Les tournois Dungeon Twister
How to organize a Dungeon Twister tournament?

If you wish to organize a Dungeon tournament Twister, you’ll have to check the following parameters first:

You will need to find a location to accommodate your players. You can partner with a local game store that have enough room (in agreement with the person in charge of the store), or a game convention.

If you organize a tournament, it will be up to you to decide if you want it to be sanctionned , i.e. the players taking part gain (or lose!) points in the players ranking.
You can organize casual tournaments for occasional players who do not want to be ranked, or quite simply by using little eccentric alternatives which is likely not to be adapted for the ranking of the players.
If you decide that your tournament is ranked, it will be necessary to send us the results or enter them thanks to the form envisaged for this purpose. The players ranking will be modified once a week (every Friday night).

You also need to find official referees, to choose the type of tournament you want to setup, its duration and the maximum number of players.

Then, don’t forget to advertise your tournament to have more players coming. You can advertise in advance on the tournament site, on local gaming forums, and on this website.

If you have any problem organizing your tournament, don’t hesitate to contact us on the dedicated forum on this website or ask a question in the FAQ.

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