Dungeon Twister
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Le jeu Dungeon Twister
La fiche technique

Nombre de joueurs: 2

Durée d’une partie: About 1 h

Age: 11 and up

Contenu de la boîte:

- 8 rooms.
- 2 sets of tokens (8 characters and 6 objects for each player).
- 2 sets of 8 figures.
- 1 rulebook.

Prix: $21.99

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Dungeon Twister was created by Christophe Boelinger and illustrated by Wayne Reynolds and Thierry Masson.

L'auteur du jeu

Christophe Boelinger has come a long way! Discover his journey...

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Paladins & Dragons

Illustration Paladins & Dragons
The first Dungeon Twister expansion (still a game for 2 players) will allow you to bring new characters, objects and rooms onto the scene. Now you’re going to get right to the soul of the game, as you are now able to create your own customized team! Here comes the Metagame...

Paladins & Dragons is the first Dungeon Twister expansion.

It features 8 new characters and 6 objects (including 5 new ones), as well as 8 new rooms with new terrain elements.
You can mix all those elements with the Basic Set or play this expansion as a Stand Alone (you will only need the cards and the starting lines from the Basic Set).

All the basic Dungeon Twister rules still apply when playing an expansion. In Paladins & Dragons, as well as in all the expansions, you will find a rule book describing the new characters, objects and rooms. These rules complement the Basic Set rules.

The game is brought to a whole new level now when players are able to bring innovation and surprise to each round of play as they create always-new teams. And, the 8 rooms that you’ll rediscover in the labyrinth can be secretly and independently chosen by the 2 players (bringing an aspect of secret alliances to the game!). In this case, you’ll only be aware of 4 of the 8 rooms: the rest will be a surprise!
You are going to have to create a multi-dimensioned team which you’ll create in response to your opponents choices and by using your own tactics and strategy.

The characters...

A Paladin who can carry 2 objects. The objects he covets most are naturally the “DragonSlayer” sword and the Fire Shield. Outfitted like this, he is ready to come face-to-face with the terrible Red Dragon.

Let’s talk about the Red Dragon. He is a living terror that possesses the strength of 6 and Spits Fire that roasts you on the spot! And he does this several times each round! Thankfully, this Dragon has a serious weak spot: he’s too fat and too heavy to move! His movement value is 0. Whew! That’s a relief!

The Red Dragon is the first Dragon in Dungeon Twister; you’ll discover others in the next expansions. A conquered dragon is still worth 2 Victory Points to the hero who succeeds in killing it. That’s enough to make you seek him out in his lair.

The Ghost can cross all elements of terrain but cannot carry or use objects and has a combat value of zero (remember, this doesn’t mean he can’t attack, just that he’s not worth more than a wounded character).

A new magic user will join your team: the Illusionist. If you’ve noticed the “M” on the Wizard figurine from the standard game and if you have looked at the icon legend on the back of the rules, you already know that the wizard is also a Magis User. Only Magic Users can use “scroll” objects; you will find the first example of these in Paladins & Dragons: the Charm Scroll.
The Illusionist and the Wizard are the two primary Magic Users in Dungeon Twister. The upcoming expansions will introduce other Magic Users and new scrolls.
The special power of the Illusionist is simple but effective: she can create the illusion of traps and piles of debris in the rooms in order to block her enemy or to protect herself.

The Weapons Master is a highly skilled fighter with extensive experience in the use of all weapons. His combat experience is so great that he is able to predict the movements and attacks of his enemies. As far as the game is concerned, this means that when you are in Combat with your Weapons Master, your enemy must play his visible Combat card before you choose your own.

The Golem is as slow as a Troll and as strong as a Troll but cannot regenerate himself. He can break through 3 walls throughout the entire game. He is a true menace when placed in your enemy’s camp. No place is safe as he can open the game highways for his friends!

The Elf Scout is the fastest character of the game; he has a Movement value of 7 and the ability to cross pit traps using his power of agility. He is a marvelous choice when you need to search for objects and wounded characters. His Strength value of 1 is his only weakness.

The Pickpocket need not be jealous of the Elf Scout, as he has a Movement value of 6. His speciality is stealing objects from his enemies. "Your Wizard has a fireball? Well, not anymore!" All he needs to do now is hurry back to deliver his prize to his own Wizard, but with his Movement value of 6, no sweat!

The objects…

A Teleportation Ring? Does that sound nice? Twister has it! Well, okay, you can only use it once but just think of the destructive possibilities!

The Charm Scroll is Dungeon Twister’s very first scroll and is definitely one of the most fun and most powerful. The Wizard or the Illusionist can use it to take control of an enemy character and make him carry out 3 valid actions.

The Fire Shield, as you can guess by its name, protects you from flames. For right now, your two sources of flames are the Fire Ball and the Red Dragon. Like all other shields to come, it also allows you to travel under Falling Rocks.

The Key allows you to open and close Portcullis for 1 Action, just like a Thief can.
This is considered a “regular” object, that means that you can decide to pick several while building your team. Another “regular” object is the Rope which you will find very useful in Paladins & Dragons.

The DragonSlayer is a magic sword that gives you +4 in Combat against any Dragon. And, if it injures the Dragon it kills it directly; the Dragon is not simply wounded. Handled carefully, this object could become the Dragon’s bane of existence!

The rooms…

The Fountains of Youth are a true paradise in the midst of all this violence. A wounded character who finds himself next to a Fountain can drink from it for 1 Action and be immediately healed. Also, the healed character can act again immediately!

The Rifts require you to spend jump cards or the use of your rope to get over them. Flying characters (like the Wizard) don't care about Rfits, but the other characters find them much less appealing.

The Pentacle Room is a “goal” room. Occupying this room is a new way for you to score Victory Points. This room changes the way you play quite a bit and is a great addition to the design of scenario.

The Mist is an essential element of the game because it blocks lines of sight but does not affect movement. In short, it is best to hide in the Mist if you want to avoid a Fireball, a Charm Scroll, a fiery blast from the Red Dragon or any other action that requires a line of sight.

Falling Rocks are mortal traps triggered by pressure applied on one of the paving stones of the game’s pathways. As soon as a character moves over this square and applies their weight to this paving stone, rocks and boiling oil pour from the ceiling. Sudden death! Flying, jumping or crossing the square with a shield are your only hopes of getting past such a trap alive.

Télécharger la règle en pdf (43.13 Ko)

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